Tranquility Lounge

Tranquility Lounge


SolTec Lounge Chair
SolTec Lounge Chair

The Tranquility Lounge is a lounge chair that integrates sound, music, sound vibrations and magnetic fields to quiet the mind, calm the emotions and  relax the body.  As a part of our survival instinct, our brain uses the sense of sight, touch, and sound. It relies on these senses to protect us. Therefore, our senses are always on guard at some level.  This level of vigilance can produce stress as well as stress-related illness.

Tranquility Lounge sessions are conducted in a dimly lit room with eyes closed or with eye pillows, thus disengaging the sense of sight.  This leaves the senses of sound and touch.  The Tranquility Lounge then blends synchronous sound in conjunction with vibrations which create a state of tranquility in the mind and body.

Due to the consistent combination of layered music, low energy vibration and magnetic fields, the survival mechanism of the brain is able to relax. This reduces stress and anxiety. This is similar to the mechanism used in the hypnotic induction referred to as the confusion induction.  During this induction, the brain is overloaded with information through the engagement of multiple senses and eventually gives up and relaxes.

This therapy Will help you connect with those powerful forces inside you; your breath, heart and imagination. Our imagination is very powerful. One example is the placebo effect. When drug companies give one group of people a real drug and another group the placebo and people that receive the placebo have the same effects as those that received the real drug.

Another source of power is the heart. Many studies have shown the heart to be more intelligent than the brain.  The heart produces the natural chemical DHEA when we have positive feelings.

Breath is also a source of power. When we engage in physical activity the deep breaths that we take release natural chemicals in our body: dopamine, seratonin and endorphins. We can produce these natural chemicals and the euphoric feelings they induce on the tranquility lounge.

The music you will be listening to is referred to as binaural music. Many studies have shown that the frequency produced in binaural music rewires and relaxes the brain. This will quiet the mind, calm the emotions and relax the body. The lounge will begin to vibrate with the music. As the vibrations travel through your body they will produce more of the bodies natural chemicals as they rebalance your cells.

The tranquility lounge also produces magnetic field stimulation. Stress can cause imbalance in our cells, the electromagnetic fields given off by the lounge provides energy to cells and restores them to a state of stillness and balance.

This combination of sound and vibration is called vibroacoustic therapy. It has an effect on the physical and mental aspects of our body. The human body uses energy produced by the vibration of cells to increase immunity. This vibration in cells decreases when we experience stress, injury or fatigue. Aging also lowers the immune system. Vibroacoustic therapy increases  vibrations in cells which restores energy that is lost with age. Therefore, it has been shown to improve health. When music is combined with vibration it reduces pain. The low vibrational sounds soothe and calm the mind. This causes a reduction in stress and anxiety and  helps with sleep. Vibroacoustic therapy is beneficial for both chronic and acute pain. It is an energy based, non-invasive, holistic form of  therapy. Transducers inside the chair cause pleasant vibrations. The music played is binaural, like the music used in CLAS therapy. Soltech is the only vibroacoustic chair that emits a magnetic energy field. Magnetic stimulation induces relaxation and lowers stress.

Magnetic fields are believed to bring the body back to a grounded state which facilitates mindfulness. The human body produces magnetic fields. When the body’s inner magnetic field is in a state of balance we experience physical, emotional and mental benefits. This magnetic field has been referred to as life force, chi and energy flow. Energy fields have been used to treat many medical and mental illnesses and issues.


Regular sessions in the tranquility lounge facilitate a change from head to heart centered thinking and feeling. Over time, client’s will learn to produce positive feelings on their own, with practice.


The lounge itself is a zero gravity chair and can be adjusted for maximum relaxation. The sounds are soothing and further facilitate relaxation.


The lounge has been used to treat PTSD, depression, anxiety, pain, insomnia and substance abuse. It is used as a tool to facilitate and teach relaxation and stress management.


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