Past life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy

Do you have any behaviors, ailments, addictions or phobias in which there is not an obvious root cause or triggering event? For example: you are scared of airplanes but never had a negative flying experience, having body pain but doctors can find no cause or struggling with substance abuse but there is no history of trauma or abuse and no significant family history of substance abuse? Or maybe you are just curious and wanting to explore your past lives? The root cause of an issue we are struggling with can often be traced to prior lifetimes. Have you ever dreamed of familiar places, experienced deja vu, been places you are sure you have been before but have not, met people that you have an instant connection with and feel you have known them before? Do you feel connected to certain cultures? These experiences are said to be rooted in our past lives. It is common for people in our current lives to have been present in our past lives but they may play a different role in prior lifetimes. They may even look different but clients will know who they are. It is said that in each life we have specific lessons to learn prior to evolving to future lives; if we don’t master these lessons then it is said that we carry them with us into future lifetimes until we can resolve them and move forward. People may take several lifetimes to learn a particular lesson. Past lives can reveal themes or patterns in our current life that we need to attend to.

Through past life regression therapy we can uncover these lessons and their root causes. This plays a pivotal role in moving forward and finding resolution.

I am certified in past life regression therapy through Dr. Brian Weiss. I completed my training at Omega institute in New York. Dr. Weiss has written many best selling books on this topic. He conducts yearly trainings at Omega. I use past life regression healing to uncover root causes of life issues and to simply explore past lives.

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