Is a great tool for healing. It is a brief therapy and generally requires fewer sessions than standard talk therapies. This is due to the fact that hypnotherapy is performed while the client is in a relaxed state and therefore at a deeper level of consciousness. Hypnotherapy can clear up issues in as little as one to three sessions.

Our minds store both positive and negative memories and thoughts. These are the result of both good and bad experiences we have had throughout our lives. Some memories are stored at a conscious level. These are memories that we are aware of. The next level of the mind is the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper decides which information will cross over into the next layer, referred to as the subconscious mind. This is where positive and negative memories are stored. The third level is called the superconscious mind. Very few people get to that level, Buddha, for example. This is self actualization.

There are two types of sessions in hypnosis. In one type of session, negative experiences are pulled up into the conscious mind while patient is in a relaxed state so that they can be processed. In the second type of session, positive affirmations are given to the client while in a relaxed state. This is for the purpose of putting positive thoughts into the mind so that these thoughts outweigh the negative thoughts. This is referred to as suggestion therapy.
















I worked as a grief and trauma specialist, using hypnotherapy for 6 years. I utilize hypnotherapy to treat multiple traumas including victims of sexual assault, adult victims of childhood abuse, domestic violence, combat trauma, traumatic grief and grief. I use hypnosis to treat anxiety, depression and chronic pain, as well. I use traditional hypnosis techniques of regression therapy, parts therapy and inner wisdom integration. I offer hypnosis sessions to give positive suggestions and help improve self-esteem. I can combine these traditional therapies with Tranquility Lounge therapies to create a very powerful form of hypnosis; I call Harmonial Hypnotherapy.

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