Harmonial Hypnotherapy


Harmonial Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis paired with the Tranquility Lounge and Harmonial program- Harmonial CLAS Hypnotherapy-

I have paired all 3 three programs I offer: ; Soltech, HeartMath and Harmonial with my former training in hypnosis to create my own therapy. Harmonial Hypnotherapy combines vibroacoustic , biofeedback and CLAS therapy with traditional hypnotic techniques of regression therapy, inner wisdom integration and positive affirmations. These programs are used to produce a deeper induction and level of relaxation. When hypnosis is paired with these other therapies it makes for a powerful combination.

The Lounge allows client to reach a deeper level of relaxation at a more rapid rate than a standard hypnotic induction. As discussed in the prior hypnosis section, there are two general types of hypnosis sessions. When using more passive forms of hypnotic sessions with the goal of feeding the mind with positive information and affirmations at a subconscious level in order to outweigh negative thoughts and experiences, once client is in a relaxed state, they are given positive affirmations by therapist through the audio portion of the Lounge. Therapist can create individual audio for clients as well. These can be purchased by the client through my store and used in the Lounge and in their home.

For more interactive hypnotherapy sessions during which past negative experiences and thoughts are pulled up into the clients conscious mind where the therapist guides client in processing them, the client is relaxed using the Lounge and once relaxed, both vibrational and sound aspects of the Lounge are disengaged and the therapeutic process begins. These sessions are generally used when treating trauma and grief.

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