Biofeedback – HeartMath

I offer biofeedback therapy through the use of the HeartMath program. The HeartMath program is based on scientific research that supports the power of heart based intuition and the connection between the heart, mind and emotions. Emotions are known to effect thoughts, behaviors and health. Biofeedback through the HeartMath program facilitates fostering positive emotions which increase energy levels and produce balance between the heart, mind and body. Research refers to this state as coherence or a state of balance. There are many benefits when in this state. An individual is able to avoid and recover from stressful situations ; thus reducing stress. An individual is more connected to their intuition while in this state and can make better decisions. This state can foster compassion as well. When mind, heart and body are balanced, the heart produces an electromagnetic field that surrounds the body and affects those who are near us. Our energy changes with our emotions. Another benefit of positive emotions is increased immunity. On the other hand, negative emotions can cause disease in the body.

Biofeedback- HeartMath

I use HeartMaths Em wave technology to assist clients in achieving this balanced state and then educate them on how to maintain this state and self-regulate their emotions through practice. In that way they can achieve balance between heart, mind and body, thus reducing stress. Through biofeedback clients can actually view their heart rhythm using visual charts and statistics to see the results of therapy. The Em Wav measures heart rhythms and coherence level. This data is shown on a graph where clients can see the physiological results of relaxation. Coherence is a state in which heart, mind and emotions are in balance. This state of balance is proven to have emotional, physical and mental benefits. With practice, clients can learn to shift into a state of coherence whenever they choose. HeartMath provides scientific tools to assist clients in improving health, emotional balance and performance. Research shows that steady positive emotions lead to increased coherence and greater harmony among body systems. The latest research shows that emotions rather than thoughts, cause physiological changes and stress. Positive emotions can be used to help manage stress. The HeartMath program helps to break negative emotional patterns. The heart plays a major role in emotions and well being.

Biofeedback can be combined with other programs I offer to produce even more powerful affects. Please see my section on packages offered. This therapy is proven to reduce stress. I will offer a weight management program as a separate package in this therapy. This therapy is beneficial in treating anxiety, trauma, depression, sleep issues and any other symptoms mentioned on this site.

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