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CLAS Therapy


The Harmonial CLAS therapy program is an experiential form of therapy which helps individuals cope with stress and facilitate relaxation. CLAS therapy employs the use of color, light, aroma and  sound at the same time.  CLAS therapy reorganizes the central nervous system creating a state of balance. Once the central nervous system returns to a state of balance, an individual can better manage stress and achieve relaxation. Disease has a hard time surviving in a body where cells are vibrating at a frequency of inner peace. CLAS therapy is a multi sensory program. The standard program consists of 6 to 12 sessions. There are additional programs to specifically address sleep issues, trauma, addiction, anxiety , panic, depression, burnout, phobias and athletic enhancement. This program can help with pain as well,  due to the mental components of pain. The program can be used for weekly management of anxiety and stress.

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How We Can Help


Hypnotherapy of Palm Beach

Hypnotherapy of Palm Beach offers grief and trauma therapy and specializes in sexual assault and combat trauma by a Certified Hypnotherapist and Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Lisa C. Anthony. We can assist clients with the processing that is necessary at a level to produce immediate results. Mrs. Anthony has worked as a grief and trauma specialist, using hypnotherapy for 6 years. She utilizes hypnotherapy to treat multiple traumas including victims of sexual assault, adult victims of childhood abuse, domestic violence, combat trauma, traumatic grief and grief. Also, hypnosis is used to treat anxiety, depression and chronic pain, as well. Traditional hypnosis techniques of regression therapy, parts therapy and inner wisdom integration. We offer hypnosis sessions to give positive suggestions and help improve self-esteem. We can also combine these traditional therapies with Tranquility Lounge therapies to create a very powerful form of hypnosis; called Harmonial Hypnotherapy.

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  • Specialist in treating grief and trauma
  • Specialist in treating anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fitness and Nutrition Specialist
  • Insomnia
  • Relaxation and Stress Management
  • Chronic Pain
  • Substance Abuse
  • Weight Managment
  • Phobias
  • Burnout

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Hypnosis Is A Great
Tool For Healing

It is a brief therapy and generally requires fewer sessions than standard talk therapies. This is due to the fact that hypnotherapy is performed while the client is in a relaxed state and therefore at a deeper level of consciousness. Hypnotherapy can clear up issues in as little as one to three sessions.


Harmonial Therapy

The Harmonial CLAS therapy program is an experiential form of therapy which helps individuals cope with stress and facilitate relaxation.


Tranquility Lounge

The Tranquility Lounge is a lounge chair that integrates sound, music, sound vibrations and magnetic fields to quiet the mind, calm the emotions and relax the body.



The HeartMath program is a biofeedback therapy based on scientific research that supports the power of heart based intuition and the connection between the heart, mind and emotions..



The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining and depression. Resisting the grieving process will only prolong it. An individual must allow themselves to feel it in order to heal.



An individual can experience a single traumatic event or multiple traumas throughout their lives, resulting in complex trauma. These can include childhood abuse ( physical, emotional or sexual), domestic violence, sexual assault, combat trauma, traumatic grief, witnessing or being a victim of acts of violence or terrorism and bullying to name a few.



I provide therapies that will achieve a better balance through the use of techniques that balance and restore the mind, body and spirit to create inner peace and allow for a more balanced outer world.


Past life
Regression Therapy

Do you have any behaviors, ailments, addictions or phobias in which there is not an obvious root cause or triggering event? The root cause of an issue we are struggling with can often be traced to prior lifetimes.



Depression can interfere with many aspects of daily living. Symptoms include lack of interest in activities, lack of energy, changes in sleep (over or under sleeping), difficulty getting or staying asleep, changes in appetite (decreased or increased appetite), emotional lability, isolation and hopelessness, sadness, anger outbursts and guilt, to name a few.


Anxiety can interfere with all aspects of life. It can affect our mental health and cause physical ailments. Symptoms include: high blood pressure, a sense of doom, sleep issues, appetite issues, fatigue, headaches due to stress, depression, inability to concentrate, irritability, insomnia and even panic, to name a few.



There are 2 types of pain, chronic and acute. Chronic lasts 6 months after the body has healed from an injury. Acute pain is due to injury. Chronic pain can be resistant to treatment. It tends to respond better to holistic therapies. I treat any underlying grief or trauma through hypnotherapy as we can hold these in our body as pain.



There are two types of insomnia. The first is difficulty falling asleep and the second is difficulty staying asleep. An individual can have one or both of these. Insomnia can be short-term due to a current temporary life stressor. It can be long term chronic with three or more nights a week of insomnia.



Repeated use and abuse of drugs and alcohol damages the brain. When the brain is not functioning properly this can result in poor decision making. It can cause problems at work and home. The increased stress, anxiety, panic, depression, stress-related illness and fear associated with this state damages the brain over time.

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Harmonial Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis paired with the Tranquility Lounge
and Harmonial program:

Hypnosis paired with the Tranquility Lounge and Harmonial program Harmonial Hypnotherapy
I have paired all 3 three programs I offer: ; Soltech, HeartMath and Harmonial with my former training in hypnosis to create my own therapy. Harmonial Hypnotherapy combines vibroacoustic , biofeedback and CLAS therapy with traditional hypnotic techniques of regression therapy, inner wisdom integration and positive affirmations. These programs are used to produce a deeper induction and level of relaxation. When hypnosis is paired with these other therapies it makes for a powerful combination.

The Lounge allows client to reach a deeper level of relaxation at a more rapid rate than a standard hypnotic induction. As discussed in the prior hypnosis section, there are two general types of hypnosis sessions. When using more passive forms of hypnotic sessions with the goal of feeding the mind with positive information and affirmations at a subconscious level in order to outweigh negative thoughts and experiences, once client is in a relaxed state, they are given positive affirmations by therapist through the audio portion of the Lounge. Therapist can create individual audio for clients as well. These can be purchased by the client through my store and used in the Lounge and in their home.
For more interactive hypnotherapy sessions during which past negative experiences and thoughts are pulled up into the clients conscious mind where the therapist guides client in processing them, the client is relaxed using the Lounge and once relaxed, both vibrational and sound aspects of the Lounge are disengaged and the therapeutic process begins. These sessions are generally used when treating trauma and grief.

Please see my store for pricing on self hypnosis audio to address specific issues as well as individualized self hypnosis audio.


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Everyone who feel depressed, unhealthy and unbalanced should consider calling Lisa and getting her professional help. I am grateful and feel amazing again.

Hilda Chapman

It feels great to be able to live, work and enjoy the simple things around you again….. Thank you for your wonderful job, Lisa. YOU ARE THE BEST!

Bill Clarkson

When I am not myself and I need help, Lisa helps me get back my “mojo”.  At my age, it is quite difficult to find a working method for stress, and it works well.

Vanessa Dickson